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2 Vegan Athletes at Sochi Winter Olympics

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The Winter Games is over half way and it has been a newsworthy Games to say the least. With many ethical issues coming to light, namely the dogs that many athletes have adopted in the village, same sex marriage, environment in Sochi and the level of safety on the various tracks.

Megan Duhamel – Figure Skater

A silver medalist at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Team Figure Skating, Megan is a proud vegan (even letting people know on her Twitter profile). She credits her whole foods, plant based lifestyle for her success. She is hoping that her message can help the world become a better healthier place for all living beings.

Alexei_Voyevoda – Bob Sledder

This Russian athlete is looking to inspire his fellow countrymen from the front as the flag bearer for Russia. Statistics show that just 25% of Russians exercise regularly, Alexei wants to change this. A 3 time world champion arm wrestler, Alexei has well and truly debunked the myth that vegans are weak. He is big and powerful and is easily spotted on the Bobsled track with his imposing figure. That imposing has won another vegan gold in Sochi 2014!

These two athletes are currently at the peak of their careers. There is no denying that they credit the plant based lifestyle to helping reach the top of their sport.

Clearly it does not matter if it is a Canadian Beauty or a Burly Russian, a plant based lifestyle is suitable for every vegan athlete in the gym.

Which athlete do you look up to? More and more are announcing their veganism every day which is very exciting.

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Do You Take The Energy Vitamin B12?

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Have you ever herd of the energy vitamin? This term can be tossed around quite frequently, and as human behavior generally occurs – irrationally.

People believe that having a high concentration of vitamin B12 will give them a boost in energy and reduce fatigue. Quite simply, this is not the case in most circumstances.

As vegans you already know this, but most of the time when an omnivore is lacking energy constantly they should not be looking for extra supplements but at their food. If they were to increase consumption of natural foods (read greens), then there would be no need to look for this mystery energy vitamin b12 as there is plenty of goodness to be had.

Given that these omnivores eat foods all day that naturally contain this chemical, they are just rehashing gossip that someone started (in most cases). There has never been any research that has shown that intake of vitamin B12 above the recommended daily intake will not have any influence on your energy levels.

However as vegans, it is important that you do ensure that you find ways to ensure your daily intake is maintained. As vegan athletes, energy from food is no issue. You will eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and grains etc. This gives you an abundance of minerals and vitamins to thrive off in addition to plenty of fats, carbs and protein.

What it will not give you if you are no careful though is the ‘energy’ vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that is not naturally found in plants. This is due to it being derived from bacteria which is the path way that to find it in various meat and dairy products.

As a vegan, you have a number of sources from which you can get vitamin B12 however if you are feeling fatigued or lacking of energy it could well be a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency. Other symptoms include diarrhea, weakness in the short term, whereas long term vitamin b12 deficiency can result in blindness, brain damage and nerve damage.

To avoid this, here are the following ways you can receive vitamin B12.

- fortified foods such as plant based milks, tofu and some breakfast cereals.
- via b12 injection
- vitamin b12 tablets
- Our favorite: Supplements like the Vega One Nutritional Shake

Vitamin B12 can rightly be dubbed the energy vitamin for vegans, for most omnivores it is gospel. Ensure you do get some vitamin B12 in your diet daily to avoid any long term consequences.

Vegans are awesome, ROCK ON!

To Find Out More About Vitamin B12, Check Out The Info At -> How To Get Your Vitamin B12!

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Best Vegan Protein Powder

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Where do vegans get protein from???
Joking!!! We know that vegans have plenty of quality protein sources.

However those who are working out in vegan gyms may require an additional protein, powder style. Fortunately there are numerous ways to form vegan protein powders, rice and hemp are to popular ones.

Luckily there are numerous plant based protein powders on the market today including:

But above them all, the best vegan protein powder is Vega Sport Performance Protein.

Why is it so good?

If this was a taste contest, it would win hands down. All three flavors, chocolate, berry and vanilla are great.

But the performance is also quality and with drugs in sports becoming an issue with banned substances in protein powders being found, one trainer was quoted as saying ‘Vega is the only brand we trust’. That is quite the compliment.

Beyond that, its performance is also outstanding. It features all 8 of the essential amino-acids and well as more non-essential ones.

Its protein content might not quite be as concentrated as many of its competitors, however 25g per 36g is plenty and with a good diet of greens and other vegan proteins you will have no problem getting gains.

If anything, you will have too much protein, it tastes so good, I could drink it mixed with

Taking Vega Sport in conjunction with Clif Bars will see you looking like a lean green vegan machine!

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